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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring into Step

Summer seems to be rapidly approaching, and so I'm trying to improve my general well being. I don't tend to eat much unhealthy food, however I am partial to the odd fish and chips, crisps, biscuits etc and so I am not trying to motivate to 'eat clean' and get fit. Like most others too, I am doing this to 'look fly in a swimsuit'. The usual squats and abdominal crunches have been a daily routine for me and I am noticing a difference. I have decided to do the blog post as an attempt to motivate and inspire others.

So without further or do I give you my TOP TIPS FOR GETTING FIT

  1. Firstly make sure you have lots of natural sugar on your side, I am talking about fruit. Eat lots of it, because I am guessing you'll be craving it if you cut out processed sugar and this is a low calorie alternative. 
  2. Mix up some veg. Use vegetables in a variety of ways, rather than just boiling them. Whip up a stir fry for you meal, and eat lots of them to replace those carbs. 
  3. Pescitarian diet. I am a pescetarian and I feel a lot healthier cutting out fatty meats such as bacon and sausage. If you don't feel you could do this look for the leaner cuts of beef and chicken so that you can reduce your saturated fat intake. 
  4. Pay yourself a compliment, if you feel that your legs look more toned, or your tummy is flatter say to yourself 'you go girl' this will inspire you to work harder. 
  5. Use social networking to motivate you, I have recently found lots of instagram accounts created to inspire and they really have. Filled with lots of motivating quotes and pictures they really spur you on. 
  6. Exercise when you can. Don't over-do it in the gym, just go as far as you think you can. You need to get your diet and your exercise working together with you to achieve your goal.
  7. Finally, know your limits. Don't push yourself too hard otherwise you will just feel deflated when you don't reach that unrealistic target. 
Good luck in getting in shape for summer! 

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  1. I really want to get in shape for summer, ad start eating healthily thanks for the tips :)