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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Urban Decay Naked Palette | Review

I'm sure you've all read hundreds of these before but I thought I'd put my spin on it. The urban decay naked palette was first released in 2010 following a very neutral 'naked' trend on the catwalk. The palette includes 12 'dimensional shades' ranging from matte to shimmer and sparkle to satin. 

The palette has a deep brown velvet covering, which does feel quite luxurious but is in fact very impractical. After reading many reviews on this palette I knew the colours were the right ones for me, however I did notice how awful some of the palettes looked on the pictures after being in makeup bags. They seem to pick up even the smallest amounts of foundation so I have decided to keep mine in my collection away from any leaky bottles. Getting past the negative bit, I do find it to be quite sturdy and protective. It has an OK sized mirror and I do like that each individual eyeshadow is labelled. 

Quality of Product
These eyeshadows are second to none. They are pigmented and when applied with the included primer potion sample I've found they last for up to 12 hours. I rarely find myself wearing makeup for this long, but it is good to know that they will hold if the time comes when I need them too. I do have one fault, some of the eyeshadows including 'sidecar' and 'half-baked' are quite chunky when applied with even as fluffy a brush as a MAC 217. The brush included is the Urban Decay shadow karma brush and is magnificent, works wonders when applying all over the lid shadow. 

This is going to be very difficult to criticise. All of the colours are warm toned beauties. I cannot fault the range at all, they all complement one another and you could create endless looks with them. The palette really has hit variety bang on the head. To the right of this post you can see swatches of all the colours in order of appearance in the palette from left to right.


The price of the Palette is £36 on the Debenhams Website here. This may seem quite pricy but if you think about it, it is the cost of only 3 MAC ones, and you are getting 12 and a free brush and primer potion. It is definetly worth the investment if you are an eyeshadow girl, but check out the other 'naked' palettes (naked 2 and naked basics) to see which palette would work best for you, and your purse.

Well I have come to the end of my first post, it is quite exciting really. 


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